Ubon Ratchathani is one of four major cities within the north-eastern province of Thailand, which is also known as Isaan. It has a very strong Buddhist influence and is known for its Buddhist Forest Monasteries such as, Wat Nong Pah Pong. Since this province is mostly farmland, visitors will have an opportunity to see beautiful fruit trees, amazing wild life, livestock such as water buffaloes, and spacious rice fields. Some of the spectacular surroundings include Namtok Saeng Chan Waterfall, Phu Chong Na Yoi National Park, and the Mekong River. These are great areas to have a picnic, hike, or take a boat cruise when you come to Thailand. Ubon is primarily known for its acres of jasmine rice fields, but it also produces hand-woven cotton, silk, Khit pillows, brass wares, and basketry.

Ubon’s provincial seal is a lotus flower in a pond. This refers to the meaning of the name of the province, which translates to “Royal City of the Lotus Flower.”