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Ubon Thai Cuisine
Ubon Thai Cuisine

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The food was great last night.  Everyone loved the egg rolls and dumplings and sauces.  We ordered way too much food, but everyone loved what you prepared.  We had take home containers and everyone left with your delicious food.  Thanks for helping make the party such a great success.

Anne Marie


Resolving to Find the Best Thai My vote is for Jeenwong Thai Cuisine in Wilmington!

I am sure if I had gone to Jeenwongs I would be a happy camper right now. The only reason why I didn’t go to Jeenwongs today is because I couldn’t decide on what I wanted from them because they make some of my favorite dishes. I love the Panang Curry, Green Chicken Curry, Pad Thai, spicy coconut soup and their eggrolls are AWESOME!

Sonia Nofziger Dasgupta Says:

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Lunch was awesome yesterday.

Mike Borsello


So very, very delicious! I have never been an egg roll fan, but these guys know their stuff and I am forever sold! Everything on their menu is delicous, but an egg roll added to every dish is a must!

Katy C.


I am new to tasting the eloquents of Thai Food, but when Jennwong’s was introduced to my palate. Not only my palate was happy but my wallet as well.
Jeenwong’s has good food for good prices. Homemade food, in some cases is made right in front of you.

Try the soup, different ingredients every time but the same delicious taste.

Diets are a waste


I went to Jeenwong’s the first time today. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of dishes and the authentic homeade tastes!I had no idea that for as much food as I received it would only cost $6.95!! WOW!! I highly recommend this restaurant especially their homeade eggrolls and steamed dumplings! Definitely the BEST Thai in DE


Metromix Delaware

delicious Thai food… quick!
By steffm23 from McDaniel Crest, January 22, 2010

I work on the Riverfront in Wilmington, and visit the market a few times a week for lunch. I often stop by Jeenwong when I’m in the mood for something spicy and delicious. The food is great… and very inexpensive. The service is also always friendly, and with a smile! If you’re looking for something different, try Jeenwong… you won’t regret it. 🙂


If your looking for great Thai food in Wilmington look no further. Located in the Riverfront Market, Jeenwong’s is a small place but it packs huge results. They serve without a doubt the tastiest and freshest Thai food I’ve ever had. They put Pan Thai to shame with better food, much lower prices and lack of pretense. The staff is as friendly as they are good cooks. I highly recommend stopping in for lunch or dinner and trying any of the fried rices (my fave and the best I’ve ever had). With dishes for every palatte Jeenswongs is guaranteed to satisfy even the toughest critic.

Chris K.

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I have to say that I have tried all the asian restaurants in Delaware and after living in LA,CA and San Diego,CA in the actual asian towns for the past 10 years, I have to declare that JEENWONGS THAI CUISINE in the riverfront market is surely the BEST!

They also have really great coupons on

A must and one of my favorites are the homemade eggrolls, meatball panang,Salmon cakes, and the fish! You can get the fish on certain days!
I also LOVE their soups especially their Tom Yum and chicken soup (not sure the name, but similar to pho chicken)


I love this restaurant! Hidden away at the Riverfront Market (by Harry’s) don’t be surprised that you haven’t heard of them. I eat at the buffet several times a week and am always satisfied. The food is homemade and fresh every day. For $7 you get two entrees and a side. Their food is worth at least twice that in a fancier restaurant. A must, must try if you are in Wilmington for lunch.

by Andrew

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Ratings_icons Like it, Love it

Katy C.

So very, very delicious! I have never been an egg roll fan, but these guys know their stuff and I am forever sold! Everything on their menu is delicous, but an egg roll added to every dish is a must!